Friday, 17 December 2010

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Second one for Singapore!

He passed both piro and vetexam and we are so pleased for Val because this is a super horse and he was the perfect match for both her and husband Dean, so congratulations to you both!!
Nr 478

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fuego XII made history for the PRE!

What a beautiful art, this transmits true feeling!!
81,454% !!!! Congratulations Juan Manuel!

Dear Beata, Gyula, so door is open, now you can go for it 100%, let's see what the exprienced artist can conjure up!! We will be waiting with anticipation Gyula!!

Dear Brian, Leslie, are you there, did you enjoy that then? You are next Leslie!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Off to Hungary!

So it was time for Gyula Dallos horse to leave for his new home in Hungary, his wife Beata and nephew Otto came to pick him up for the 3000 km journey. We were very happy to see Beata again (including Betty) and we had a lovely outdoors dinner with vino tinto as luckily the weather still allows such luxury moments. The best luck to Beata and Otto for the journey and 'Egeszegedre' (cheers) to Gyula, we look forward to all the victories next year!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

We present; Gyula Dallos horse!

The chosen one! Congratulations Gyula & Beata!

Unique Carthusian stud stallion

How often do we see these qualities in a pure Carthusian PRE? This horse has several important qualities that are unique for a pure Carthusian, the most important being the straightness in movement. Among today's professional PRE breeders the straight movements are fundamental in the selection of a PRE breeding stallion. Winging, paddling or 'campaneo' is not a desired movement for the breeding of a quality PRE. This horse is the result of professional breeding where the unique qualities of the PRE has been maintained and in his case the racestandards of the Carthusian has been improved in colour and movements.
He has class. Class shows the subtle characteristics of the special expression in the horse standing and moving. A classy coat is skinlike and shiny and the horse has alot of mane and tail. A classy temperament is noble when necessary and expressive, energetic when asked for. In a classy movement we see the expression with high kneeaction, power from behind with talent for both collective and extended locomotion.
A classy conformation; Is simple beautiful from being correct and proud.
A 100% carthusian horse is most often grey, it is very difficult to maintain the purity and engange other colourtraits such as bay and black. This horse also has no white markings which of course makes him even more exclusive. In the PRE breeding white markings are not desireable, a horse without white markings are always more valuable than one with white hairs. Same goes for coatcolour, if horses of same quality are compared a bay and black PRE is always more valuable than a grey. This horse is also professionally educated in dressage, he performs a beautiful passage, piaffe, half pass and extended trot which also proves the quality, when performed correct, like we see here.
This stallion has 12 excellent offspring, all are bay, except one that is grey and one black. We recommend him as exclusive breeding stallion and as a schoolmaster.
For more info see his page here Nr 470


Friday, 20 August 2010

New horses!

See new excellent PRE horses for sale under SPORT!

Nr 489

Nr 490

Nr 491

Nr 492

Nr 493

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Monday, 16 August 2010

Dallos tour

Vaquera, serreta, bicho, venga - many impressions for our Hungarian friends. But the greatest impression for Beata & Gyula were Pedro. 'Pedro-the-vaquera-man'. He might not have been the most beautiful rider, but he was the natural horseman. All the horses in the stable always knew where Pedro was and with one look he got the attention. Walking around with his white-tip whip he had the horses perform whatever - but very importantly - without fear, with respect. Pedro would have been the perfect classteacher, all the children would have been well behaved and very disciplined. Natural authority. Very good Pedro!

We viewed quite a few very good horses but without a personal connection to the horse no horse is seen. Mr Dallos has this very clear, he knows himself very well, he rely on and trust his feeling 100% and if it is a no, it will always be a no (no matter it if is a offered fruit or a horse). There are options for Gyula and if it is meant to be he will be totally happy with THE one.

If Spain had a big impression on Gyula & Beata, they had a big impression on us. Gyula is always with the analysis of movement. Road bumps were cavalettis and Javier geared down some real good transitions... Javier is the best GPS and driver.

Beata is the great organizer and always attentive to the feelings and needs of animals and people.
From Gyula I learned I have to trust my feeling because it is good. And because of Beata I am now a vegetarian again. Betty also gave alittle impression and got the new nickname Bettica. Thank you Beata for counting in Betty as part of the team.
The people worthwhile is the ones who always keep a smile, thank you both for being so positive every 2723 km, we will always be happy to see you!